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About Maria

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Maria Tornberg's photography is ethereal, lush and magical. Once quoted as the "Tinker Bell" of photography, Maria is an artist of natural light, creating magical narrative images and portraits. Maria has been working over 20 years in the industry, first as a model and actress, then award winning director and photographer. Maria is a true Renaissance Woman and would describe herself an artist before all.

Maria was born in Sweden and has worked in Paris, New York, Milan and Barcelona with some of the most acclaimed photographers and designers. She has been based in LA since 2005, acted in films and TV-shows, directed two award winning films and worked with Alexander Skarsgård, Danny Trejo, Matt Barnes and Bex Taylor-Klaus. She has also been collaborating with advertising agency BBDO for projects like Visa and HSBC. Her work is published internationally.

Maria has cultivated a distinct style that’s instantly recognizable and is the success of her brand. 

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